Race for Congo Cycling Jerseys Arrive

Race for Congo Cycling Jerseys BoxThe official Race for Congo Team cycling jerseys and team kits arrived over the weekend.  The box arrived in good fashion marked with the words ‘Congo Relief’  (to the left).  That’s what this courageous cycling team from World Relief is all about; relieving Congo from conflict tearing families apart, insecurity threatening the innocence of women, and hunger stunting the growth of a generation.   Their mission is to raise over $43,000 towards this effort in just 7 days traveling over 2,776 miles across the United States on their bikes!

The boys were stoked about their new cycling jerseys and team kits, which included water/wind proof cycling jackets as well.  Their official statement was, “We were pleasantly surprised to see how fantastic the official Race For Congo gear turned out. Ascend Sportswear did a fantastic job with the design and the production of the gear. They were excited right from the beginning to partner with World Relief and jumped in right away to get them going.”  You can read more about their thoughts and the current day’s events on the journey at https://raceforcongo.tumblr.com/.

Race for Congo Cycling Team JerseysAscend Sportswear is proud to partner with World Relief in their effort to send Congo relief.  We are equally excited about how the cycling jerseys turned out for this special race.  Furthermore, it is our hope that many people join in their mission and race for Congo by purchasing the official cycling jersey.  50% of the proceeds will go to the Race for Congo goal and help World Relief complete a critically important mission.