Major Motion Development Cycling Team Sponsorship

Ascend Sportswear is announcing its official sponsorship of Major Motion Development cycling team as of June 2011.  The junior team is a perfect fit for Ascend Sportswear, as it focuses on developing youths to have discipline and expand their opportunities inside and outside the sport of cycling.  The partnership is a result of Ascend Sportswear’s continued work with the Bahati Foundation, founded by professional cyclist Rahsaan Bahati for the development of under privileged youth.   Rahsaan grew up through the ranks of the Major Motion Development team and excelled to become a very successful professional in cycling ranks.

Major Motion Development’s team is responsible for over 10 National Championships over the years and numerous State Championships.  Under the lead of head coach David Pulliam, the team is a perfect match for Ascend Sportswear as their focus is to “continue the development of these athletes to the highest level of the sport and to establish at an early age a lifestyle that includes fitness and discipline.  Along with racing, we encourage our athletes to pursue their education as diligently as they do their sport, with a strong focus on college.”  Together the two organizations hope to make a positive difference and inspire youths to overcome their challenges through faith and discipline.

President and Founder of Ascend Sportswear, Brian Devens, says he’s “excited about the new partnership and what opportunities it can provide to some very special juniors of the sport of cycling.”  He went further to say that “the Major Motion Cycling Team is a great organization that shares many values with Ascend Sportswear, including a focus beyond the sport of cycling, to develop and provide opportunities to youth.”

Major Motion Development began its official circuit with support by Ascend Sportswear last week at the USA Cycling National Championships held in Augusta, GA.  Results will be published soon.   The fall season will see the unveiling of Major Motion Development’s new cycling and biking jersey designed by Ascend Sportswear that will offer a new sleek and competitive look for the team.