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ALL Inclusive Pricing – Includes everything…

  • Order Setup
  • Production with Custom Artwork
  • Unlimited Colors
  • FULL pro custom artwork services
  • Unlimited design hours & revisions
  • Shipping via UPS with tracking

We are focused on making it easy and exciting for you to get new custom sportswear.  That’s why our pricing is simple and clear.  Your price includes everything! The price you see below is the price you pay!

  Minimums PLUS™ PricingBulk Pricing
Product TierStyle1-910+20+40+70+As Low As...
TouringShort SleeveCall for Quote$54$51$49Call for Quote$39
ElevateShort SleeveCall for Quote$68$65$63Call for Quote$49
VolareShort SleeveCall for Quote$84$81$79Call for Quote$65
Volare Elite Short SleeveCall for Quote$109$89$106$86$103$83Call for Quote$69
APEX Short SleeveCall for Quote$134$114$131$111$128$108Call for Quote$87
APEX Elite Short SleeveCall for Quote$154$139$151$136$148$133Call for Quote$110
APEX Pro Tour Short SleeveCall for Quote$189$186$183Call for Quote$153

*Additional Styles: Sleeveless -$1  Long Sleeve +$5

**Add Ons: Elite Flatlock Stitching +$9,  Enduro Flat Stitching +$6

  Minimums PLUS™ PricingBulk Pricing
Product TierStyle1-910+20+40+70+As Low As...
ElevateShortsCall for Quote$71$69$68Call for Quote$57
VolareShortsCall for Quote$87$85$83Call for Quote$71
Volare EliteShortsCall for Quote$104$101$98Call for Quote$87
APEXShortsCall for Quote$124$121$118Call for Quote$102
APEX Elite ShortsCall for Quote$154$151$148Call for Quote$127
APEX ProBib ShortsCall for Quote$168$165$162Call for Quote$139

*Additional Styles: Bib Shorts +$5, Full Print +$10

**Chamois Upgrades & Options: Ask your custom apparel specialist for details

ElevateWind Vest62595653Request a Quote
Elevate EliteWind Vest78757269Request a Quote
VolareWind Vest1041019895Request a Quote
ApexWind Vest118115112109Request a Quote
ElevateWind Jacket70676461Request a Quote
Elevate EliteWind Jacket87848178Request a Quote
VolareWind Jacket114111108105Request a Quote
ApexWind Jacket131128125122Request a Quote
ElevateThermal Vest78757269Request a Quote
VolareThermal Vest10610310097Request a Quote
ApexThermal Vest132129126123Request a Quote
Apex EliteThermal Vest156153150147Request a Quote
ElevateThermal Jacket88858279Request a Quote
VolareThermal Jacket122119116113Request a Quote
ApexThermal Jacket152149146143Request a Quote
Apex EliteThermal Jacket182179176173Request a Quote
ElevateArm Warmers28262423Request a Quote
VolareArm Warmers36343229Request a Quote
ApexArm Warmers48464441Request a Quote
ElevateArm Warmers- Thermal33312926Request a Quote
ApexArm Warmers- Thermal45434138Request a Quote
ElevateKnee Warmers30282623Request a Quote
VolareKnee Warmers38363431Request a Quote
ApexKnee Warmers52504845Request a Quote
ElevateKnee Warmers- Thermal35333128Request a Quote
ApexKnee Warmers- Thermal47454340Request a Quote
ElevateLeg Warmers36343229Request a Quote
VolareLeg Warmers44424037Request a Quote
ApexLeg Warmers58565451Request a Quote
ElevateLeg Warmers- Thermal41393734Request a Quote
ApexLeg Warmers- Thermal53514946Request a Quote
ElevateShoe Covers36343229Request a Quote
VolareShoe Covers44424037Request a Quote
ApexShoe Covers52504845Request a Quote
ElevateShoe Covers- Thermal38363431Request a Quote
ApexShoe Covers- Thermal50484643Request a Quote
ElevateGloves32302825Request a Quote
VolareGloves42403835Request a Quote
ApexGloves56545249Request a Quote
ElevateSocks18151310.5Request a Quote
ElevateCycling Cap16151311Request a Quote
ApexCycling Cap26252321Request a Quote
ElevateBandana15141210.5Request a Quote
ApexBandana26252321Request a Quote
ElevateNeck Gaiter16151311Request a Quote
ApexNeck Gaiter26252321Request a Quote